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Looking for info on the SWEDISH DEATH METAL book by Daniel Ekeroth, ONCE UPON A NIGHTWISH: The Official Biography, SHERIFF MCCOY by Andy McCoy, ONLY DEATH IS REAL: An Illustrated History of Hellhammer and Early Celtic Frost 1981-1985 by Tom Gabriel Fischer with Martin Eric Ain, HELLBENT FOR COOKING: The Heavy Metal Cookbook by Annick Giroux, MELLODRAMA: The Mellotron Movie DVD, TOUCH AND GO: The Complete Hardcore Punk Fanzine '79-'83, by Tesco Vee and Dave Stimson, METALION: THE SLAYER MAG DIARIES, or any other Bazillion Points books?
The wheels of destruction are turning quickly -- and not just for old thrash metal demo cassettes. Ian Christe's daily record of heavy metal life feeds the savage soul with demo downloads, videos, metal news, photos, and updates on other projects: BAZILLION POINTS BLOG FOLLOW Ian Christe on Twitter, because writers live all the crazy action!
The weekly playlists for what's been played during the Bloody Roots heavy metal history hour on SIRUS XM Liquid Metal (or Hard Attack) ARE ALL POSTED HERE.
Johnny Kniga Publishing has released the Finnish hardcover version of Sound of the Beast. Called "Pedon Meteli: Heavy Metallin Vanha Ja Uusi Testamentii," the translation was done by Jone Nikula, author of a book on Finnish heavy metal. Translating a book isn't as simple as licensing a CD, and slapping a new company logo on the cover. I never know what to expect until I get the final book, but this time I was blown away. The edition is deluxe, with a new sparkling outer jacket, a silver iron cross embossed on the physical book, lots of cool design touches, and the special extra introduction by Jone Nikula. Check out this Finnish bookseller for a closer look:, and here's an interview with Jone at Fisherman's Friend.
Good news for metaleros -- the Spanish edition of SOUND OF THE BEAST has landed, featuring a slick new cover and nearly 400 pages of raging metal history to satisfy rabid latin fans from Bilbao to Argentina. The publisher is Robin Books in Barcelona, and you can order in Euros from or at a crazy import price in dollars from Spread the word to all metal hermanos y hermanas, gracias!
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The foreign translations of SOUND of the BEAST are advancing! The fine volks at Hannibal-Germany just released their version, retitled HOLLEN-LARM (Hell Noise!) and translated to German by the meticulous and skilled Conny Losch. Totally wunderbar. Czech, French, Spanish and Finnish versions are coming soon. [KLICK HIER FUR DEUTSCHE INFO] Click HERE for info on DABLUV HLAS, the Czech version of the book.
BLOODY ROOTS, Every Tuesday & Friday on SIRIUS Hard Attack
Ian Christe's BLOODY ROOTS show on Sirius Satellite brings the pages of SOUND of the BEAST to life in a weekly heavy metal history lesson. Revel in metal heritage with inside stories and tons of rare music -- band by band, country by country, year by year, genre by genre. Know your roots! BLOODY ROOTS airs Tuesday 9PM EST and Friday 1PM EST on HARD ATTACK [27] .
Heavy Metal in Iraq? FREE Chapter Download
Whether you already love the hardcover version of SOUND of the BEAST or are just tuning in, we are now offering a free sample chapter including fascinating new material on heavy metal controversies in the Middle East, metalhead art collectors, and the revitalization of metal music in the 2000s. Just so we don't feel left out on Soulseek: DOWNLOAD CHAPTER HERE [5.6Meg PDF file]
US Paperback Edition OUT NOW!!
Touted in hardcover as "the gospel of heavy metal," Ian Christe's SOUND of the BEAST returns in revised and expanded paperback with a global overview of heavy metal developments in Lebanon, Egypt, Morocco, Malaysia, Israel, and Iraq. As the world of the 2000s turns toward strife and conflict, heavy metal emerges as a voice of dissent in the Middle East and elsewhere. When Egyptians teens are rousted in midnight raids and Moroccan musicians jailed for writing English lyrics, Iraqi youth defy authorities by staging their first public concerts in over a decade. Meanwhile, in America, the recorded sales of heavy metal jump to 36.2 million units in the first half of 2003, as the threads of metal history continue to energetically evolve.

Support heavy metal literacy: Call your local libraries and bookstores to demand SOUND of the BEAST on a shelf near you! Available for US$13.95 wherever books are sold. (Ask for HarperCollins ISBN 0-380-81127-8)
An Embarrassment of Laurels
"The first book to chart the vector of not just metal's origins, but the myriad mutations through which it continues to infect the planet. Your children will not be spared." -- Greg Burk, LA Weekly, Best of 2003

"Black Sabbath and Ozzy Osbourne get their due in this 'Complete Headbanging History of Heavy Metal,' which takes its often absurd subjects just seriously enough." -- Larry Katz, Boston Herald, Books of 2003

"Rekindled my faith in true metal love..." -- Liz Ciavarella, Metal Maniacs, Best of 2003

Pages turn, eyes burn -- but how did this book happen? has posted a lengthy interview with author Ian Christe about early concerts, how to write a book in three years, and metal trivia boardgames. READ IT HERE, then check out the excellent Aesthetic Extremity 'zine, the Swedish MetalShrine, and the exuberant for Q&A inquiries into the making and aftermath of SOUND OF THE BEAST. Ian Christe on MTV's 22 Greatest Bands
A while ago, I taped a few segments for MTV's 22 Greatest Bands, which debuted in September 2003 and has since become one of MTV's 22 greatest repeated programs. Look for a long-haired author waving his arms and demonstrating the historical joys of Van Halen, the Cure, the Red Hot Chili Peppers, and Metallica -- while putting in a good word for Black Flag and Celtic Frost. "Heavy Metal: Horrible Noise or Music?"
In 2003, I went on NPR's Talk of the Nation to defend the metal faith, talk about Thor, and take calls from metal fans and classical musicians nationwide. Listen to the archived program, including music by Black Sabbath and the NPR debut of Napalm Death, on the NPR web site. BEST METAL OF 2005
For the curious, here's a quick list of the old, new, and newish bands I think made the best albums last year:

OPETH, Ghost Reveries
EXODUS, Shovel Headed Kill Machine
BYZANTINE, And They Shall Take Up Serpents
NAPALM DEATH, The Code is Red...Long Live the Code
ABORTED, Archaic Abbatoir
SUNN0))), Black One
OBITUARY, Frozen in Time
KREATOR, Enemy of God
THE ACCUSED - Oh Martha!

Beast wishes,

The Headbanger's Bible:
  Over 400 pages of metal history;
  Based on 100+ original interviews;
  94 black & white photos, plus exclusive color insert;
  dozens of special genre boxes;
  the evolution of heavy metal explained
  Metal era graphic timeline 1970-2003

Praise for SOUND of the BEAST:
"Brilliant" -- Rob Halford, Judas Priest
"Required reading" -- Brave Words & Bloody Knuckles
"Excellent" -- Guitar World
"Fascinating" -- Vice
"Damn good" -- Revolver
"Hugely entertaining" -- Maxim UK
"A whirlwind ride" -- Austin Dispatch
"Extraordinary" -- PopMatters
"Amazing" -- Boston's Weekly Dig
"Amazing" -- Record Collector UK
"Rekindled my faith" -- Metal Maniacs